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MY Compliance Management gives you:


Dashboard data displays

One click reporting

Full legal register with real time updates

Incident & Accident Reporting and Tracking

Full Risk Assessment Management

Environmental Aspects Management

Non-Conformance reporting and tracking

Internal Audit Building and Scheduling

Action planning

Standards Library import and ‘audit ready’ monitoring

Document management

Training record management

BN SHE Consultancy Advisor support


This will allow you to manage compliance for all business assets and help keep track of all contractor compliance.

MY Compliance Management provides an easy to use, cost effective and auditable method of controlling and managing the requirements for:

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Non-conformance reporting

If you aren’t meeting your requirements you can manage any non-conformance and assign appropriate actions to ensure conformance before reviewing and closing.


Training record management

Manage competence and ensure all your employees are up to date with their latest training requirements. Monitor and record all training, issue certificates and notifications when nearing expiry.



Assign and delegate every necessary action to any user. Monitor completion and responses.


Asset Manager

Keep registers of all of your business assets, their compliance requirements and set responsibilities.



Manage all of your contractors and their compliance requirements with handy email reminders when you need to take action

A simple to use and intutively laid out user interface


Legal Register Builder

Build a full legal register in minutes with our Legal Register Builder. Just select from a few options to get your full register.


Legislation Updates

Keep abreast of changes with regular updates on legislation, just select what's relevant to you and simply add to your company register.


Incident & Accident Reports

Allow any user to log an incident report, verified by management and recorded in your register. Incident logs can be broken down into individual graphs and printable reports to allow assessment for areas of improvement.


Risk register

Carry out full risk assessments and manage these in a simple way to reduce the risk across your business.


Audits Manager

Create and run custom internal audits. Build your audits then run them as many times as you need recording the results each time.

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Manage all environmental aspects that affect your business. Across multiple sites and areas to ensure your business is fully ISO14001 compliant.



Manage all business requirements whether ISO, Health & Safety, environmental, legal or insurance compliance. Store all your relevant documents and have all related information available at the touch of a button.

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